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Islam makes it mandatory for all men and women to get education. Nursing is a noble career but unfortunately it could not recognize It self as a great profession. On one hand the society and Government are responsible for this situation and on other nursing could not advance to the required professional level that would give this profession its long due recognition.I feel immense pleasure and great honor to transform my dream of establishing a world class private nursing college in reality. My vision is to make it a center of excellence for health education where students from all over the country become Bachelor of Science in Nursing and other post RN, CMW, LHV in true sense. Now a days everyone concern too much about their own health. But Nurse patient ratio is still far from adequate in this country of million people Our aim is to produce . Nurse dedicated for this service of the Society so that the health education and services maybecome more practical and with human values. In Noor Nursing College all the facilitiesmust be available to reach students at the highest level of learning. As a chairman of BoGsof NNC I shall make my best efforts to evolve this college.I am confident that the team offaculty and staffs of this Nursing college and the budding students will work with absolute dedication to fulfill these expectations and in converting my vision into reality.

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Why Choose NNC

Quick Facts

Provide a balanced array of educational programs to prepare nurse leaders for practice, research and education

Increase research activity in focused areas of excellence and expand team Science

To prepare nurses who can make independent decisions in nursing situations.Protect the right of patients and facilitate individual & community participate and conduct research studies in areas of nursing.

To maintain a center of excellence in nursing education with a view to generate new perspective & innovative approaches in scientific health care system.

Lead nursing practice partnerships that translate nursing science into practice to improve health outcomes.

1: The objectives of Noor Nursing College are to provide opportunity
which would enable the students to functions as an effective
individual in the society

2: To promote and strengthen the nursing skills for better competence
in the Nursing profession in general and patient care in particular.

3: To prepare nurses who can make independent decisions and nursing

4: Protect the rights of patients and facilitate individual and community
participate and conduct research, studies in area of Nursing.

5: To meet the shortage of qualified nursing personnel in the country
in general

6: Elevate the image of nursing profession through demonstration of role modeling


Pakistan Nursing council
Khyber Medical University.
Higher Education Regulatory
Health Care Foundation